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Written by: Karen Jeal

October 27, 2014 - 8:27 am
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Lambeth is becoming quite the venue of choice for many events whether large or small.

It is hardly surprising with over 50 lovely parks and open public spaces that people and organisations look to Lambeth for their events. Each year, our expert events team help organise hundreds of events, handle many more queries.

To help them to help people wanting to hold an event in Lambeth we built them a website in WordPress. Using WordPress means that the events team will be able the day-to-day content management.

The site is intended to be a one-stop-shop for anyone thinking of holding an event in Lambeth, and covers everything from organising, attending, sponsoring and trading at events.

Working with a trusted developer, I project managed the build, getting the site live in just shy of eight weeks. The events team were involved throughout to ensure that the content was correct, and answered the questions that organisers ask.

Lambeth Communications
When one of the events team said ‘what if people could see all the venues we have’, I got thinking about how we could best do that. What would people need to know in order to decide if a venue was for them or not? How could we make it user-friendly? We built three interactive maps to allow people to search for venues based on audience size, summary information appears for each location when the mouse scrolls over the pin point in the map.

The service were really keen to promote Lambeth as an event location, so we have used a lot of high-quality photos from our events to show the venues but also as far as possible share the vibrancy.

Knowing that people have preferred social media platform(s) there is also a number of social networks in place to complement the site including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

To ensure that the user experience is as seamless as possible, the site uses built-in forms to facilitate contact and a colour-coded system to help navigation.

The site went live on 19 September so we’ll be able to give you some detailed results over the coming months.

Please take a look for yourself. You can visit the site at www.eventlambeth.co.uk

Website designed by Tom Price.

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