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Written by: Helen McKay

June 30, 2014 - 1:37 pm
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Streatham Power’s mission is to reduce dependency on fossil fuels by replacing them with community-owned greener energy, such as solar power, so that people and planet benefit.

Using solar power can lower electricity bills and tackle fuel poverty, and unlike gas or coal it is a renewable resource and doesn’t harm the environment.

Through Streatham Power, individuals, communities and businesses in Streatham can invest in the scheme to become shareholders, which means they will share ownership of the solar installations and any profits they make.

Similar projects, such as those run by Repowering London in Brixton, have predicted returns for investors of around 3-4 per cent with some additional tax relief benefits in many cases. You can read more on the Repowering website.

Following the success of the Brixton projects, Repowering London are now mentoring Streatham Power, who have long-term aims of making the area sustainable and self-sufficient in electricity. Solar power can be used for everything from calculators to electric cars. It’s pretty powerful stuff!

Streatham Power are currently looking for suitable roofs on public, commercial and residential buildings to install solar panels (known as photovoltaic or PV) and generate electricity. Anyone interested is urged to get in touch.

Although finding the right roofs involves a lot of assessment, the group are talking to a primary school, a parish community centre and the landlord of a housing estate about putting up solar panels.

Get behind Streatham Power by:

  • Becoming a volunteer – use your skills and expertise to help the project grow.
  • Becoming an investor – invest in solar power and share returns.
  • Offering roof space in Streathamif you are an organisation (not residential address) please get in contact to find out if your roof space can be used to help generate solar power.
  • Or all three!

Find our more at
www.streathampower.org or email info@streathampower.org

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