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Written by: Karen Jeal

September 26, 2014 - 2:24 pm
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We recently tried a couple of new ideas to try to get more people in our community talking with us on Twitter. I promised in my Testing the Twitter Boundaries blog that I’d tell you about the Twitter Takeover, so here goes.

Wouldn’t it be great, we thought, if for a few hours, someone could take over our account and give their perspective on things? People could ask questions, have a chat and have their say?

The ideal candidate for the job was our Youth Mayor, Jacqueline Gomes-Neves.

Jacqueline is just 17 and was really up for the challenge. She had worries about what sort of questions people might ask and if she would be taken seriously but she didn’t need to be nervous.

To say it went well is an understatement!

She was answering things from her own point of view and able to give a view from a young person and Lambeth’s Youth Council on things like schools, education, voting and the democratic process and how to get more young people into jobs. There were, in fact, so many tweets we couldn’t keep count at the time – so we popped them onto our Love Lambeth blog with a piece from Jacqueline direct and Storify to try and sum up the success – click here to read about it.

At one point Jacqueline got so into it she went round the Town Hall with her iPad and snapped some colleagues hard at work. I think reason this was such a success was because she was able to give more of an opinion on Twitter as opposed to just being ‘the council’ answering. People respected her all the more more for her honesty and I think that speaks volumes in our community.

We’re now planning some more Twitter Takeovers with others throughout the council. Another great example of Twitter working in a way you wouldn’t normally find in local government.

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