Saving thousands, by informing thousands about benefit cuts

Our hard-hitting initiative around welfare reform ahead of benefit cuts engaged those affected and supported them to find work and training before changes kicked in.

What we did
The Welfare Reform Act would have a significant impact on the means of several thousand residents: up to 1 in 6 people in Lambeth.

To build financial resilience, especially among more vulnerable members of the community, we delivered an energetic campaign highlighting the change and support available to those most impacted, including training to access jobs. Using a bold and controversial design, we created borough-wide awareness through a poster campaign and dedicated quarterly magazine delivered through the doors of council tenants to keep pace with the changes. We held a ‘healthy finance week’ event ahead of reforms to encourage residents to think about their circumstances and encourage positive action, from reviewing household spending, to learning job skills, writing CVs, enrolling on courses, and discouraging payday loan credit.

Thousands got in touch to ask questions and access the support offered by the council and its partners.

Ultimately we reduced demand on services through behaviour change ahead of cuts by pre-empting issues.

Who we did it for
This campaign was delivered to 40,000 people claiming benefits in Lambeth. 


  • Thousands of people accessed the support.
  • Saving thousands of people from losing entitlements, saving the customer centre hours of rectifying problems.


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