Building a better website

We built a new website for Lambeth Council that was focused on the user and what they wanted the site to do.

Type of work:
Mobile device

What we did
Lambeth Council’s old website had more than 5,000 pages and had a lot of information that simply wasn’t being look at by a lot of our residents. We did a lot of user testing and research and found that out of all of these pages only about 250 were used and were useful to our customers. It was no longer focused on meeting our residents’ needs, it was time to change.

Work began with a hack weekend where we invited residents and local people to come and tell us what they wanted from our website. In that weekend the new website was born.

We focused on the main things people told us they needed our site to do to produce a clean, clear and concise new website that fulfils user needs.

We used five phases of user testing, including an accessibility review by a professional company, and testing with disabled users, and also usability testing in a lab, in a local café, online with users, at an older people’s sheltered housing visit.

Everything was tested – wireframes, design, tasks, structure, home page – and amended to reflect user feedback. And we are constantly looking to improve our offering and looking at ways to develop it further.

The website is built in Drupal and is completely accessible and responsive on all devices – so no matter where people are the site can be accessed.

Who we did it for
People who live, work and visit Lambeth. 


  • A website with a new look and feel –
  • De-cluttered website that has few pages and is more focused on user needs.
  • User satisfaction with our website has gone up.
  • People are able to come onto the site to do what they want quicker and easier.

 What people said

Open Speech MarkImpressed by Lambeth Council’s rework.Closed Speech Mark

Open Speech MarkBlimey, new website is a truly wonderful thing.  Huge congrats.Closed Speech Mark

Open Speech MarkHuge congrats to the Lambeth Council web team for the new AND the way they researched, designed and built.Closed Speech Mark

Open Speech MarkWell done to all those involved with the new Lambeth Council website. Big improvement on old site and inspiration for our own local gov web plans. Closed Speech Mark


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