Reducing incidents of rape and sexual assault

To reduce incidents of rape and sexual assault we educated men on the laws on sexual assault and rape, particularly the issue of consent.

Know the Difference

What we did
Lambeth saw a 30% increase in reported rape in 2009-10. From police data, we knew that a significant number of incidents involved suspects who briefly knew their victim, often meeting in a bar or nightclub, so we decided to position materials around the journey of a night out.

To make sure our messages had impact, we tested them and supporting design ideas with focus groups. From that insight, we created thought-provoking slogans and bold designs that could be used on posters in bars, taxis, bus stops and tube stations that would draw attention. We were sensitive to not blaming victims, or depicting all men as perpetrators. Our hard-hitting and thought–provoking, positive campaign was clear that sex without consent is rape.

Who we targeted messages at
Men in bars on a night out.


  • 90% campaign recognition.
  • Over 66% agreed that the campaign would teach people about the law surrounding rape and sexual assault.
  • 62% thought that the campaign would make people reconsider their attitudes towards rape and sexual assault.
  • Police data shows a decline of between 30-50% in the number of reported incidents during the live period of the campaign in the target locations over comparable periods in 2009-10 and 2010-11.
  • The campaign has been adopted by the British Army.
  • Winner: CIPR national communication awards in 2011.
  • Silver at the Local Government Communications awards in 2011.

What people said

Open Speech MarkI was going up the escalators and turned my head to see what the poster was about.Closed Speech Mark

Open Speech MarkThe message is if you don’t want to go to jail, then don’t do it.Closed Speech Mark

Open Speech MarkI’m from Lambeth and I’m happy for my council tax to be spent on this sort of thing. If it only saves one girl from being raped, it’s worth it.Closed Speech Mark


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