Council spin out marketing support

We created the tools necessary for a local authority spin out service to launch and market itself professionally.

Councils are looking for ways to become more financially sustainable whilst supporting people in the area. Lambeth Council’s Risk and Insurance Team were asked by local community groups if they could provide specialist risk and insurance services. The team investigated ‘spinning out’ in order to offer affordable, expert risk management and insurance brokerage services to local not-for-profit groups, schools, academies and social enterprises.

What we did
In 2015, we launched their spin out service, called Community Risk Services (CRS), and provided the team with tools to enable them to market themselves. This included:

  • Branded materials and email signature unique to this professional organisation.
  • Printed and electronic marketing materials for the team to use in direct marketing.
  • Designing and producing materials for the team to take to events.
  • Researching and creating lists of relevant contacts, categorized according to marketing strategy criteria.
  • Creating a basic relationship management tool to manage sales and enquiries.
  • Writing and commissioning a series of films and animations to set out what CRS do and areas of the team’s expertise.
  • Social media support and advice, including writing and scheduling tweets, creating content. Follow them on Twitter @community_risk
  • Creating a launch event and photo opportunity event for media work.
  • Advice on website (designed independently.)
  • Suggestions and advice on seasonal marketing offers.

Who we did it for
Community Risk Services who provide affordable, specialist risk and insurance services to not-for-profit organisations in Lambeth, London, and UK.


  • Total reach for launch in local online and print channels: over 349,000.
  • Over 10.7k impressions on Twitter in first 4 months.

This is an ongoing project, further results may be added in due course.

Community Risk Services have professional tools and channels to market themselves.

Community Risk Services have been nominated for Local Government Chronicle Awards.

Spin out media coverage in local paper

Coverage of launch in local paper

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