We gave £1.3m to residents to spend

As part of Lambeth’s cooperative council approach, residents decided how more than £1.3 million was spent on improving their local environment.

What we did
This pioneering co-productive approach to funding local improvements got residents involved from the outset and gave them opportunities to define what they wanted to change on their streets on a blank canvas. This is a new approach for local government where usually suggested improvements are served up and consultation takes place at that point. Our approach said “you tell us what improvements you want, and we’ll try and make it happen”. 

We supported the project delivery team with communications that explained this task clearly and simply so that residents had the right level of information to get involved.

By tailoring communication outputs to appeal to residents, more than 3,000 people got involved and took active roles in shaping their neighbourhoods, including many people whose first language is not English, as well as children and young people.

The communications outputs supporting this encouraged involvement at every stage, and included personalised letters to residents from the cabinet lead, publicity of meetings, regular website updates and online participation options. In addition, we produced clear consultation response documents tailored to each locality, including a map of proposed works to help people visualise how their suggested improvements might look.

Hundreds of trees, traffic calming measures, better cycling facilities and road closures for play streets are now being delivered.

Who we did it for
This campaign was delivered to 35,000 households across six areas in Lambeth.


  • Highest response rate ever for consultation.
  • More than 3,000 residents took part.
  • Residents were given charge of budgets.
  • £230,000 spent per area.
  • Hundreds of improvements delivered by financial year end.

What people said

Open Speech MarkYou are working towards the world I want to live in. Thank you for your hard work.Closed Speech Mark

Open Speech MarkI just wanted to say how impressed I am with the letter I received asking for my opinion on which improvements I would prefer in my own area. The information was very succinct but comprehensive… all very professional. Most importantly, it feels good to live somewhere where the opinion of the locals is asked for and stands for something.Closed Speech Mark


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